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Why This Why now

Since I was a kid I loved the whole idea of radio not just the music, which for sure I loved but, the DJ's and the relationship the good ones had with their audience. After a lot of college my first job was at a radio station, working talk radio none the less, this only made my desire to be in the hot seat even greater but, I would instead take the path of music and being a talk show guy would have to wait. The line, everything happens when it's supposed too could never be any more true than in this case. In the last 15 years, I have played music all over the US and South America meeting so many cool and diverse people along the way, It is for that reason I have started How Valid is the Validity. This show is not only fulfilling something I have always wanted to do but also allows me to bring some of these moments and people to you for yet another way to entertain. In a world full of podcasts and live streams I hope this can be one that lets you learn, laugh, and all the L words you can add. Thanks for Listening!

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